About Us

Leah Can sing. Alva cannot.


Alva likes dogs. Leah really really likes dogs.


Leah loves to go floating. Alva has only been once.


Alva grew up in Florida. Leah grew up in Missouri, but dreams about Florida.


Leah loves Diet Dew. Alva much prefers sweet tea (and sometimes Coke).


Alva loves Leah. Leah loves him even more.


Leah might cry during your ceremony. Alva won’t admit it, but he might too.


Leah graduated from Drury University where she studied both Fine Arts in Photography as well as Architecture. After graduating, Leah moved to Chicago to follow her dreams. After opening her photography business, Leah met Alva in Rogers, Arkansas and they were happily married in October 2012. Leah has taught Alva everything she knows, and together they create a fluid team, striving to make every wedding and session, unique and fun.



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